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The 2015 Junior District Championships (May 8th to 10th)

posted Apr 6, 2015, 3:29 PM by linda zheng
Interested in being part of the Junior District Championships?  We are looking for players to represent our club and adults to help volunteer at the tournament.  The Junior District Championships is the most important Junior level ODBA tournament for many reasons.

There are ranking points that goes towards selecting the Ottawa Badminton Athlete of the year.  Results contribute to being invited and/or selected on the 2016 Ontario Winter Games Badminton Team.  Hence, it's little surprise it's also the largest Ottawa Junior tournament organized each year.

To all of the Junior players and to the parents of Junior players, please consider joining the ODBA Junior District Championships.  And, if you sign up, please consider choosing HTBC as your club to represent!  For more info, go to: