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Showcase Day #2 ... and #3?

posted Apr 6, 2015, 3:26 PM by linda zheng
Showcase Day #2: Mixed Doubles (Kevin & Chinue vs Minh & Aswini)

We want to thank Kevin Tseng, Chinue De La Merced, Minh Pham, and Aswini Ganesh for showcasing Mixed Doubles at the highest levels.  Their match was both entertaining and inspirational.  The way they move around the court, and the shot selection they make is calculated with precision.  Did you notice they were in a front-back formation while attacking? and, a side-side formation on defense.  They play a modern mixed style, where the female can rotate around and not stuck covering the net only.  Did you notice the strategies?  Like a game of chess, one turn per side, waiting patiently for the opponent to make a mistake.  You can re-watch and analyze the showcase games here:

On May 3rd, we are planning to have our last Showcase Day for the season: Men's Singles.  We have two incredible players very excited to participate and demonstrate Men's Singles at the highest level.  You'll have to show up on May 3rd to see who is coming out.