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Happy Holidays

posted Dec 20, 2012, 5:32 PM by Eugene Lee
For the next 3 weeks in a row, the Holy Trinity Badminton Club is closed.  After the new year, the next badminton meet will be January 13th, 2013.  So, mark your calendar, on Jan 13th, as the day you'll satisfy your itch to play badminton.

We are excited to announce that the club is full and closed to new memberships.  In February, when the Winter membership begins, HTBC will be losing a couple Fall members, and gaining a couple Winter members.  As for the guest policy, it has been revised to a limit of no more than 1 or 2, when both gyms are available, and they arrive at 11am sharp. You, the member, deserve the most play time possible. And, when the primary reason for accepting guests was to help convert them into members, but the club is full now, it makes sense not to have to accept guests any more.  If you are planning on bringing a guest with you, please remember to email us ahead of time, and arrive at 11am.  Guests not accompanied by a member will be turned away.

Looking ahead at coaching and training in February, everything is still going as planned.  ODBA has graciously allowed 2 members from HTBC to attend the NCCP Level 1 Technical Coaching Clinic in January - Chyna Liu and Annila Tharakan. I'm hopeful for 2 coaching lessons with the HTBC level 1s and 2s in February, demonstrating the basics such as grip on the racket, footwork, clears, drops, smash, and strategy.  Don't forget to let us know if you're interested in attending the coaching sessions by sending us an email to  We expect the coaching sessions in the beginning and end of February.

Two weeks ago, when HTBC was closed, there was a juniors badminton tournament, with several HTBC representatives in attendance.  Thanks and congratulations to each of you which was able to make it out and gauge your badminton skills against your other peers. The money raised went towards supporting the traveling expenses of the Soong Badminton Academy (SBA) girls team - a group of approximately 20 competitive juniors representing Ottawa at many tournaments in the Quebec and Ontario out-of-town tournaments. The following are HTBC members which attended: Jeffrey Ben, Jason Fang, Justin Gee, SeongJun Hong, Chyna Liu, Richard Tran, Jianing Yang, Frank Yu, Jenny Yu, Brian Zhang, Zehan Zhao, Davin Dai, Chi-Hong Cheung, and Chi-Chung Cheung.

Lastly, we have been in contact with one of the badminton makers called Oliver, and we are planning a demo day for you to test and try out their badminton rackets.  What this means to you is that you can try it out, and if you like it, you can purchase some equipment from them and have it delivered to you by the next Sunday badminton meet.  More info to come after the new year.

Happy Holidays to you!

Eugene Lee (Co-Prez HTBC)