Alan's Boot-minton Camp (ABC)

Alan Fok's teaching is based on the philosophies of PBM (Pacific Badminton Management).

In 2011, Alan Fok flew to Malaysia for the sole purpose of badminton training with PBM, and the training enlightened his view of badminton playing and teaching.

Alan Fok is a specialty coach with the Holy Trinity Badminton Club.  Alan created a high intensity badminton program designed specifically for training high level badminton players – of age of 12 to 21 – to a higher competitive level.  The program consists of no more than 3 students, and runs every Sunday from 10am to 1pm.  The program develops skill level, endurance, and mental capacity.  Because of its high intensity, applicants are subject to an interview and try-out before being considered.  Many applicants are not accepted.  The students are expected to compete in local and provincial tournaments.  Alan has often voluntarily attended students' events as their coach.  Alex Chau occasionally assists to the success of this program. Often, Alan does not use an assistant coach to teach.  He gives 100% focus and attention to coaching this program.

If you are interested in applying for Alan's Boot Camp, send an email to  There are very strict requirements to join this program - no exceptions.

Jenny Lei, Alan Fok, Jenny Yu (missing: Salina Tran)